Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bush's Immigration Plan

Appears to be play the tough guy, and protect big business.

He still wants his guest worker program, but he is now playing to his base, and talking tough.

"We're going to secure the border by catching those who enter illegally, and hardening the border to prevent illegal crossings," Bush said. "We're going to strengthen enforcement of our immigration laws in this country."

The sad reality is, as long as there are people willing to hire them, the workers will come across. If he wants to get serious, all he has to do is slightly tweak the laws holding employers accountable, and then enforce them. If an industry can prove a true dependence on labor far below market level, they can write exceptions into the law.

There is no reason for huge governmental cost for new fences and an army of new border patrol forces. Just like drugs, as long as there is a demand, there will be a market response. Close off the demand, and the flow will cease.

Make it so expensive to be caught using illegal labor, and not just the sub-contractors, that no company dare do it. Hold the parent corporation accountable, and make them pay in huge fines.

This is the cost effect way of dealing with illegal immigration, and one Bush will never consider.



eric said...

it remains to be seen if this is just the latest in political defeats for the president.


John said...

It could be a victory point. Like the war on Drugs, it sounds good, it is a great place to create programs, but unless you address the core demand, it actually effects nothing.

lots of noise, little real impace

Anonymous said...

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