Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What Difference Does It Make

Since celibacy is a key component of being a priest in the Catholic Church, what difference does the man's natural sexual inclinations make. They are expected to suppress them. That is why the latest misstep from the Vatican is so funny.

The Vatican issued a long-awaited document Tuesday on the explosive issue of homosexuality in the priesthood, but the document banning men with "deep-seated homosexual tendencies" added more heat than light to the controversy.


Almost immediately, there was heated debate and stark disagreement about the potential impact of the document in Catholic seminaries, to whom the "instruction" from the Congregation for Catholic Education is addressed.

In addition to barring those with "deep-seated homosexual tendencies," the document says ordination to the priesthood should not be allowed for those who have had homosexual encounters during the prior three years or those who support the "gay culture."

That last category is very interesting, and should be more than a little troubling for thinking Catholics.

This latest church action is seen as being driven by the abuse cases that have been discovered nation wide. The majority of abuse was preacher assaulting boys, but there were also attacks on girls and women. This response from Rome does not appear notice that girls (and women)were also assaulted. Since there is little doubt that the are aware of this, it adds more ground for speculation that the anti-homosexual forces within the church are using the US abuse coverup as an excuse for an assault on gays, and gay Catholics.

I have my one ideas about why there is such a high level of abuse within the church (Religious driven sexual repression at a young age, seeking shelter in celibacy) and have to marvel at the direction the church has taken. The issue that needs to be addressed by the world church is not so much the abuse, or homosexuality, but the nationwide efforts at coverup.

I note, the church has done little to nothing about that.



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