Monday, November 21, 2005

Saddam Was One Nasty Leader

His singular goal was securing as much power strength and wealth for his family as he could. He designed and built his society around these goals. Many of these basic services of society (police, fire army) were twisted and perverted to promote his primary goal of societal dominance.

We have deposed him, and for 30 months have been rebuilding his old society into a new one. A society that will suppress the bad and enable the good to grow;

Or not.

It seems the police that the British have trained have perfected a new skill; How to slowly kill a person by torturing them with an power drill.

British-trained police operating in Basra have tortured at least two civilians to death with electric drills, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

John Reid, the Secretary of State for Defence, admits that he knows of "alleged deaths in custody" and other "serious prisoner abuse" at al-Jamiyat police station, which was reopened by Britain after the war.

Militia-dominated police, who were recruited by Britain, are believed to have tortured at least two men to death in the station. Their bodies were later found with drill holes to their arms, legs and skulls.

and the US contribution to this "change" in Iraq:

"This ceremony -- this same music -- it makes us remember the old army," marveled Fathi, standing on the top tier of a reviewing stand south of Baghdad. Next to him was Capt. Khudhair Alwan, whose contact with U.S. forces began by trying to kill them as they invaded the southern city of Basra in 2003.

But this is 2005, not 2003, and this is the new army, not the old one. Fathi and Alwan, switching allegiances if not uniforms, are enlisted man and officer in the new Iraqi army, at the same rank they held in the old one.


creature said...

Great blog John. Keep up the good work.

Patrick said...

Same parts, new package in Iraq

John said...

Thanks creature, your is also very good

and, yes, we have just put a new bow on much of Saddams old systems