Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Rabid Dog Is Still In Attack Mode

Dear Ole' Dick Cheney, while still frothing at the mouth, is also trying to deny that he is trying to quiet dissent.

President Dick Cheney has denied trying to stifle dissent over the Iraq war by attacking the Bush Administration's critics, but he says Democrat claims that the President intentionally twisted prewar intelligence go too far.

"This is revisionism of the most corrupt and shameless variety. It has no place anywhere in American politics, much less in the United States Senate," Mr Cheney said.

Two Paragraphs, Two Lies.

Of course he is trying to quiet dissent; Heck he is trying to destroy the dissenter. That the standard operating procedure in the Bush White House. If you speak out, break from the pack, dare to utter the truth, you are attacked to the point of destruction.

And, the unfortunate reality for Dick is the administration did work to craft the view of intelligence to create a demand for war that never existed. Administration officials made claims about chemical weapons, biological weapons, nuclear weapons, and ties to Bin Laden, that were questionable at best, and in a number of cases actually disproved long prior to the time the administration went public with the claim.

Dick, if you do want to talk about revisionism, why don't we start here.

They lied, we went to war, and now there is no clear way out. Nice job Dick.


Anonymous said...

I like the cartoons, keep adding them

Patrick said...

His first name fits him, he is a Dick