Monday, November 14, 2005

More Combat On The Syrian Border.

Operation Steel Curtain continues.
Operation Steel Curtain entered a new phase Monday when U.S. and Iraqi forces moved into the Euphrates River valley town of Obeidi, 185 miles west of Baghdad.

The goal is to try to ebb the flow of insurgents coming into Iraq from Syria. In addition to combat, Iraq and the US are also busy telling Syria how to run their nation.

Top Iraqi defense officials on Sunday accused Syria of allowing foreign fighters to operate training camps on Syrian soil and sneak into Iraq to commit suicide bombings.

While I do think that it would be in Syria's best interest to work to keep radical factions out of the country, and that allowing them to set up camp in their nation is a sure step to later domestic difficulties, it is interesting how people who have so badly screwed up one nation are so eager to offer their advice to others.

In addition, everyone seems aware that the majority of incoming insurgents are from Saudi Arabia, so closing one door will not stop the flow, just force it to use a window.


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