Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bush's Pet Dictator Is Peeved

and, after kicking us out, has now told NATO to screw off.

Uzbekistan has told NATO allies they can no longer use its territory or airspace to support peacekeeping missions in neighboring Afghanistan, an official of the alliance said Wednesday.


Uzbekistan's hard-line President Islam Karimov in July ordered the U.S. troops to leave the air base within six months, after Washington joined international condemnation of a bloody government crackdown in the eastern city of Andijan that human rights groups say killed hundreds of civilians.

Uzbekistan became an important ally in the war on terrorism after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and granted permission for the United States to establish an air base in the country.

Of course, when you are justifying starting a war because of the cruelty of the despot in charge, you have to question our wisdom cutting deals with a dictator who has boiled his political foes to death.

At least a rational person does, it didn't appear to bother George or the rest of his administration.

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