Monday, November 21, 2005

Maybe The Funniest Headline In Months

Bush's Asia Trip Meets Low Expectations

Tha depressing part is it is dead on; We no longer expect the President to do anything of worth, and that is exactly what he delivers.

BEIJING, Nov. 20 -- When President Bush was flying toward Asia a week ago, his national security adviser, Stephen J. Hadley, predicted to reporters in the back of the plane that the four-nation trip would yield no "headline breakthroughs." He turned out to be right.

As Bush wrapped up his stay in Beijing on Sunday and prepared to head home Monday after a brief stop in Mongolia, the trip has produced no real breakthroughs of any sort. On a wide variety of issues, from trade to security to human rights, Bush won no concrete agreements from any of his summit partners.

Over at Think Progress they have two interesting notes about the trip; First they note the lack of interest that Bush and many of his advisers have in experiencing the places they visit, then they also post this from the South China Morning Post:

It was President George W. Bush's unilateral and belligerent foreign policy that poisoned the wellspring of global sympathy for America after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Â… Through its rash actions, the Bush administration squandered, in just a couple of years, half a century of AmericaÂ’s hard-earned reputation as a responsible, generally benevolent, superpower. Â… Chinese leaders, to their credit, seem well aware of the lesson in all this: that a distrusted superpower runs the risk of being ganged up on by the rest of the world.

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